Venu-Safe® Hygienic Venue Certification System is a free, open-source protocol system for venues and event centers to assist in retraining their staff towards better hygienic standards in the post COVID-19 era re-opening of the entertainment and event industry.

Entirely free to use, the Venu-Safe® system requires venue management train its staff to operate its best hygienic practices to at LEAST the standards carefully outlined in the Venu-Safe® protocol guide.

Nearly a year in the making, the goal of Venu-Safe® Hygienic Venue Certification is two fold; better train event and live entertainment venue staff to a higher level of hygienic standards as demonstrated in the protocol guide, AND bolster consumer trust in live event venue operators and event planners which in turn expedites the return of the industry.

Understanding consumer hesitancy to return to life in a post pandemic world is critical to restoring live entertainment and event industry to normal pre-pandemic economics. Consumers can trust that, at the very least, venues that have undergone Venu-Safe® training of their operational staff, meet a standard of hygienic best practices…and for this, venues are allowed to display Venu-Safe® branding in marketing of events and venues that have undergone the training of this protocol into their employee’s routines.

Download the Venu-Safe® Protocol HERE: