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Mouse study looks at how sounds influence early brain development

SUMMARY OF STUDY: A new study suggests that sound may influence fetal development earlier than previously thought, potentially before the ear canal even opens. The researchers found that deaf newborn mice had different brain patterns than mice with regular hearing. These changes occurred around a week earlier than anticipated, based on current developmental knowledge. In […]

Binaural Beats Are Being Used as Sound Wave Therapy for Anxiety, but Does It Really Help?

SUMMARY: Medium sized controlled sound studies conducted by private organization reveal a possible binaural connection to a reduction in anxiety in some patients. The studies are yet to be tested by a major laboratory, however it shows promise that anxiety may be clinically reduced by means of sound wave, adding to the mental health industry […]

Analog music/vinyl records may provide greater rates of dopamine release in the brain

SUMMARY: Once nearly obsolete, multiple studies and experts approach the scientific side of the explosion of the phonograph industry in the last decade. The conclusions are mixed and untested as of yet but most experts agree that analog music seems to hold a greater degree of relaxation than digital music. Is it the science of […]

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